Buerk takes swipe at George Entwistle in BBC attack

Referring to the way June's Thames river pageant was covered by the BBC, Michael Buerk said:

Nobody knew anything and nobody cared. The main presenter couldn't even work out what to call the Queen. The Dunkirk Little Ships, the most evocative reminders of this country's bravest hour, were ignored so that a pneumatic bird-brain from Strictly Come Dancing could talk to transvestites in Battersea Park. I was so ashamed of the BBC, I would have wept if I hadn't been so angry.

Much of the blame for the Jubilee coverage was directed at George Entwistle, the then head of BBC Vision who went on to become director-general.

Referring to Mr Entwistle's short-lived tenure at the top, after resigning in the light of the Jimmy Savile scandal, the former 999 presenter went on:

The worst thing was that it was deliberate - planned that way to be 'light' and 'inclusive'. The BBC actually congratulated itself, and the executive ultimately responsible (George Entwistle) was promptly promoted to become the most disastrous director-general in the corporation's history.