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Stephen Lawrence anniversary

One year ago today Doreen Lawrence finally saw two men sentenced for the murder of her son Stephen, almost twenty years after his death. Today, she announces a series of events celebrating his life.

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Timeline: Stephen Lawrence case

  • April 1993: Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death at a bus stop in Eltham, South-East London
  • September 1994: Stephen's parents launch a private prosecution against Gary Dobson, Neil Acourt and Luke Knight, all three deny charges
  • April 1996: Private prosecution collapses after a judge rules identification evidence by Duwayne Brooks was unreliable. The three are acquitted
  • February 1999: The murder and police investigation become the subject of a wide ranging inquiry into policing - The Macpherson Report
  • October 2007: The IPCC finds no evidence of corruption
  • May 2011: The Court of Appeal agrees Dobson's 1996 acquittal can be quashed in the face of new forensic evidence
  • November 2011: The trial of Dobson and Norris begins
  • January 2012: Both are found guilty of Stephen Lawrence's murder

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