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Anger over elephant killings

A family of 12 elephants have been slaughtered and their tusks hacked off in the worst recorded ivory poaching incident in Kenya's history, prompting calls for action to tackle the illegal trade.

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Kenya Wildlife Service 'positive' about catching poachers

The Kenya Wildlife Service said they were confident of catching the 10 poachers who are alleged to have killed a family of elephants in Tsavo National Park.

First of all, the area where it happened is some distance for them to exit the park. They will require more than a day, so we are positive. We mobilised before they exited. We are on the ground and also doing aerial surveillance.

The number of poachers has increased. There are a number of reasons for this. The prices of ivory in the black market is encouraging and has indeed attracted a lot of poachers and players.

Because the whole business of poaching and trafficking in ivory is actually a cartel and poachers are just one link of the chain.

– Paul Mbugua, Kenya Wildlife Service

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