Heywood insists his Mitchell investigation was 'competent'

Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood has insisted that he did a "competent" job during his investigation into the 'Plebgate' incident involving former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell and police officers at Downing Street.

He said he told Mr Cameron that CCTV footage showed "inaccuracies and inconsistencies" in emails sent by someone who claimed to have seen the altercation last September.

Sir Jeremy said this meant they should not be relied upon in deciding whether Mr Mitchell should be sacked.

Sir Jeremy Heywood said his investigation came to the "right conclusion".

When challenged by members of the Public Administration Select Committee, about his suitability to carry out an inquiry into the incident, he said:

"It's a perfectly legitimate part of my role and frankly, I think I did the job competently and came to the right conclusion."