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Unhealthy school meals warning

More than a million children could be eating an unhealthy lunch because their schools are exempt from tough food standards, council leaders have warned. The Local Government Association claims some schools are "ducking their moral responsibility".

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Charity says school meals healthier but 'long way to go'

A spokesman for the Children's Food Trust said evidence shows that schools are offering healthier meals and children are eating more nutritious lunches since national school food standards were put in place.

The average meal is lower in fat, sugar and salt, more children are having water to drink instead of sugary drinks and the amount of fruit and veg on pupils' plates has gone up.

There's still a long way to go but the level playing field created by the standards has been key - and our studies show that when children eat a healthier lunch, they do better in the afternoons.

– A Children's Food Trust spokesman

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