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Unhealthy school meals warning

More than a million children could be eating an unhealthy lunch because their schools are exempt from tough food standards, council leaders have warned. The Local Government Association claims some schools are "ducking their moral responsibility".

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Government: 'Room for improvement' on school meals

A Department for Education spokeswoman said if the Local Government Association has evidence of academies and free schools providing unhealthy meals to their pupils then it should be released.

Far from being paragons of nutrition, many maintained schools are not meeting food standards and are offering cakes, biscuits and fizzy drinks to their pupils.

Others have said they find the standards too bureaucratic, rigid, and difficult to administer.

However, there is room for improvement across the board - that is why we have asked independent reviewers to consider the best way to help all schools offer good, well-balanced food.

– A spokeswoman for the Department for Education

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