1. Lucy Verasamy - ITV Weather Presenter

Snow on the way with blizzard-like conditions to hit tomorrow's rush hour

It will be worth thinking twice if you've got travel plans in the next 24 hours - numerous warnings are in place, including a red warning in the south east of Wales.

This evening will see light snowfall across the north of England, the Midlands, the south east and Wales.

Then later another weather system will see heavy rain turn to snow across Northern Ireland, much of the westcountry, Wales and the Midlands.

As the wind picks up across those regions, expect blowing snow and blizzard-like conditions across higher routes and western hills.

Snow continues on into the rush hour tomorrow morning, becoming increasingly widespread across England and Wales.

Around 2 - 5cm of snow is expected widely, with up to 20cm in the south and west and potentially 30cm in south Wales.