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Queen Beatrix and the Dutch royal family

• Princess Beatrix married German diplomat Claus Von Amsberg in 1966. He died in October 2002.

• Princess Beatrix became the Queen of the Netherlands in 1980 after her mother abdicated the throne.

• Queen Beatrix has three sons, with the eldest Prince Willem-Alexander set to succeed her.

• Queen Beatrix has eight grandchildren.

• During the war the Queen fled to Ottawa in Canada with her mother and two sisters.

The Dutch royal family after Queen Beatrix (third from right) opened Parliament Credit: REUTERS

• The Queen has weekly meetings with the Prime Minister and speaks regularly with ministers and state secretaries.

• Similar to the British Monarch, the Queen signs all new Acts of Parliament and Royal Decrees and plays a role in the formation of new governments, she also officially opens the parliamentary year with a speech.

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