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Petrol prices 'no rip-off'

Fuel price rises have been driven by tax rises and the hike in the oil price, the Office of Fair Trading has reported. It says it finds "very limited evidence" that retailers aren't passing on drops in the wholesale price to drivers quickly enough.

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Before tax UK fuel 'some of the cheapest in Europe'

It is not the greedy petrol stations but the insatiable appetite for tax of Governments, past and present, that has been blamed for the high cost of filling up at the pumps. But the authorities also blamed the cost of crude oil, much of it produced by the companies that own the filling stations.

The Office of Fair Trading investigated the petrol industry, and found that before tax, fuel here is amongst the cheapest in Europe.

Yet, once duties are included, motorists here pay more than almost anywhere else.

ITV News Business Editor Laura Kuenssberg reports:

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