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Malala discharged from hospital

The Pakistani schoolgirl who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban has been released from hospital in Birmingham.

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Hospital describes Malala's injuries and surgery

The titanium cranioplasty procedure [to fit a titanium plate to Malala's skull] is carried out first and will take between one and two hours. The head will be shaved at the wound location and the flap of skin covering it will be prepared and draped back ...

The 0.6mm metal plate that has been moulded from a 3D model created through CT imaging from Malala’s own skull, will then be put in place. It is secured to the skull with screws placed in 2mm counter-sunk holes.

The flap of skin is then draped back over the plate and stitched into place.

The cochlear [hearing implant] surgeon then takes over from the neurosurgeon. The surgeon will locate the cochlear and identify the structures of the inner ear. An incision will be made in the round window membrane and the implant is fed through it ...

This part of the surgery will take approximately 90 minutes.

– queen Elizabeth hospital statement

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