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Justice Sec defends smacking

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has defended parents' right to smack their children and admitted he did it to his own, it emerged today.

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Smacking children: Your views

After Justice Minister Chris Grayling admitted he smacked his own children and said he believes that smacking "sends a message" to children, we asked you if you thought parents had the right to smack their children:

  • Lisa Joanne Addison: "No it's wrong ... you don't have a right to hit another adult so what gives you the right to hit a child. It's assault and people should be prosecuted and accountable for their actions ... and yes I would interfere if I saw it in public and I have done so."
  • Galina English: "Yes I think parents should be allowed to smack their own parents smacked me and it never did me any harm..."
  • Yvonne Armstrong: "Yep, it definitely never hurt me and I'm a better person and respect my elders."
  • Carly Crispin: "As much as I would hate to smack my children I have to agree that children from our generation and before have respect, children now days do not, even my children struggle with the meaning of this word."

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