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Disability abortion law Inquiry

A major Parliamentary Inquiry into Abortion on the Grounds of Disability kicks off today.

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Abortion statistics for England and Wales

  • There were 146 abortions after the 24-week limit in 2011 in England and Wales out of a total of almost 190,000
  • But overall there were more than 500 abortions after screening for Downs Syndrome
  • 92 per cent of women who are told their child may have downs syndrome opt for a termination
  • The National Down Syndrome Cytogenetic Register (NDSCR) say that of the 1,188 babies diagnosed prenatally in 2010, 942 were aborted, 25 miscarried or were stillborn, 52 were born alive and in 167 the outcome was unknown
  • However, the Department of Health only reported 482 terminations for Down's in the same year, less than half the number recorded by the NDSCR

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