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Argentina Falklands claim

Hector Timerman, Argentina's foreign minister, has said "there are no Falkland Islanders, only British inhabitants of the Malvinas," during a visit to the UK

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Falkland MPs: It is not tenable for you to ignore us

Members of the Falklands Islands parliament have written to the Argentine foreign minister Hector Timerman urging him to discuss their differences.

Legislative Assembly member Dick Sawle told Mr Timerman, who is on his first trip to London, that he believes next month's referendum will show that islanders do not want to be ruled by Argentina.

Please understand that no amount of harassment and intimidation by your Government against our island community will change this fact.

Indeed, the more you press us, the harder will be our resolve. It is not tenable for you to ignore us.

– Dick Sawle, member of the Legislative Assembly of the Falklands Islands

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