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Apology for workhouse women

The Irish Government has apologised to the thousands of women locked up in Catholic-run workhouses known as Magdalene laundries between 1922 and 1996. Records have confirmed 10,012 women spent time in the workhouses across the country.

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Kenny regrets 'stigma' of Magdalene laundries women

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has apologised for Magdalene laundries. Credit: Barry Cronin/PA Wire

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said action should have been taken before to clear the names and reputations of the women put to work in Magdalene laundries.

He said: "That the stigma, that the branding together of the residents, all 10,000 needs to be removed and should have been removed long before this and I'm really sorry that that never happened, and I regret that never happened.

"I'm sorry that this release of pressure and understanding of so many of those women was not done before this, because they were branded as being the fallen women, as they were referred to in this state."

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