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Apology for workhouse women

The Irish Government has apologised to the thousands of women locked up in Catholic-run workhouses known as Magdalene laundries between 1922 and 1996. Records have confirmed 10,012 women spent time in the workhouses across the country.

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Magdalene survivors reject Kenny's apology

Survivors of Magdalene laundries have rejected Taoiseach Enda Kenny's apology and demanded a fuller admission from the government and the religious orders involved.

That is not an apology. He is the Taoiseach of our country, he is the Taoiseach of the Irish people, and that is not a proper apology.

– Maureen Sullivan, Magdalene Survivors Together

Another survivor Mary Smyth said she endured inhumane conditions in a laundry, which she said was worse than being in prison

I will go to the grave with what happened. It will never ever leave me.

– Mary Smyth

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