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Boris calls Clegg radio show

London Mayor Boris Johnson ambushed Nick Clegg on his radio phone-in, urging him to get his Cabinet colleagues "out of their posh limos" and on to public transport.

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Clegg insists spending on ministerial cars has been cut

When Nick Clegg was told that Boris Johnson was no actually on the line, but had pre-recorded his message, the Deputy Prime Minister responded: "That's easy for him, isn't it?"

Boris, if you're listening - and I suspect he isn't - I think we have actually cut the amount of taxpayer money which is used to pay for the cars and everything for ministers by, I think, about 70%. We have massively slashed it and changed it.

Clearly, ministers - myself included - drive in cars, but not all the time. I am about to jump into a train to go up to Sheffield this afternoon.

I think the fact we have cut the bill we inherited from Labour for ministerial cars by, I think, around 70% is a big step in the right direction."

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