Adolf Hitler's food taster confirms he was a vegetarian

Adolf Hitler's food taster has confirmed that the dictator was a vegetarian, in her first ever interview.

Margot Woelk, 95, told The Times (£) she was forced to taste the Nazi leader's food from 1941 until November 1944 when he abandoned the Wolf’s Lair - a military headquarters - as the Russians closed in.

Adolf Hitler with Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Gestapo, in 1940. Credit: REUTERS

She said: "They told me, we have to taste the food that Hitler is served. Of course I was afraid. If it had been poisoned I would not be here today. We were forced to eat it, we had no choice.”

"It was all vegetarian, the most delicious fresh things, from asparagus to peppers and peas, served with rice, and salads. It was all arranged on one plate, just as it was served to him," she added.

Ms Woelk said: "It was quite delicious, the best vegetables and cut fruit. There was no meat and I do not remember any fish. Drinks were delivered somewhere else, the SS took them, we did not have to try drinks."