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Fox baby mum describes attack

The mother of a month-old baby who was attacked by a fox has told The Sun how she "grabbed Dennie’s wrist and tore it out of the fox’s mouth." The boy was released from hospital yesterday and is now back with his parents.

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London Fox Control: People shouldn't leave rubbish around

Residents should stop putting food out for foxes or leave rubbish around, the London Fox Control said today after a one-month-old was dragged from his cot by the animal.

Cass Barrett of the organisation said he often heard of the animals coming through people's cat flats after being lured by the scent of pet food.

Foxes coming into people's houses is nothing new in my experience. Foxes are quite accomplished climbers in that a ground floor window I wouldn't imagine should cause too much of a problem for them to get in.

I think they're beautiful creatures but unfortunately sometimes they do become a pest.

In my experience I've never come across any humans that have been actually bitten. But (they've been) intimidated, been worried by foxes, concerned that when they approach them they don't go away.

– Cass Barrett, London Fox Control

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