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Epilepsy awareness to 'save lives'

A new study has shown that most people would have no idea what to do if they came across someone having an epileptic seizure.

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Two thirds did not know epilepsy can kill

Epilepsy is a tendency to have repeated seizures caused by a sudden burst of electrical activity in the brain, around 600,000 people in the UK live with the condition.

Young Epilepsy are calling for a greater awareness with a new campaign launched today 'Everyone Knows Someone'.

  • Almost two thirds of the public say they would try and assist someone having a seizure, but admit that they would not know what to do
  • One in eight people said they would place a spoon or ruler in the mouth to stop the person biting their tongue, but though this could risk serious injury or choking
  • Under a third of people know you should speak calmly to the person
  • Less than half of people would protect the head, despite this being best practice
  • Sixty per cent of us did not know that you could die from epilepsy
  • Nearly half of epilepsy related deaths are avoidable and lives could be saved if there was a greater awareness of what to do, the charity said

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