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Fox baby mum describes attack

The mother of a month-old baby who was attacked by a fox has told The Sun how she "grabbed Dennie’s wrist and tore it out of the fox’s mouth." The boy was released from hospital yesterday and is now back with his parents.

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Fox attack mother tells of pulling baby from its jaws

The mother of a five-week-old baby attacked by a fox has told of how she managed to pull him from the animal's jaws as it dragged the boy "like a 10lb chicken".

Speaking about the attack on Dennie Dolan, Hayley Cawley told The Sun:

It had Dennie’s left hand in its jaws. Dennie’s head was covered in blood and it was running down his cheeks.

His head was lodged in the corner of the door frame and the fox couldn’t get him out of the door.

I kicked it hard but it wouldn’t let go. I was scared it would sink its teeth in even further so I lashed out at it with my hand and kept hitting it.

If I’d got there a few seconds later my baby would have been out of the door and I might never have seen him again.

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