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120,000 join the donor register

120,000 people have signed up to the Organ Donor Register this week. ITV's From the Heart campaign has taken place during the week of Valentine's Day to raise awareness of organ donation.

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Public divided on 'presumed consent' organ donation

Public opinion is firmly divided on whether organ donation should be opt-in, as it currently is in the UK, or opt-out, as it is in many other European countries, according to an ITV News poll by ComRes. Older people are more likely to agree with the current 'opt-in' system.

  • 44% agree with the current system: it should be presumed that people have not agreed to donate their organs, unless they have opted to do so.
  • 42% think we should adopt a system were consent is presumed: people's organs should be donated, unless they have expressly opted-out of doing so.
  • Among those aged 65 and over, 50% think organs should not be donated unless consent is expressly given.

ComRes surveyed 2,055 people.

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