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Nadine Dorries says investigation into her expenses 'stinks'

Nadine Dorries MP Credit: PA Wire/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Tory MP Nadine Dorries has hit back over a parliamentary investigation into her expenses, saying "it stinks".

She told me allegations that she may have claimed expenses that she wasn't entitled to, were untrue.

"I think it stinks," she said. "It stinks because only I know what I did."

The Conservatives withdrew the whip from Ms Dorries after she appeared on ITV's "I'm a Celebrity".

She says she was being investigated over three months worth of electricity bills which were higher than normal, together with a petrol claim that was submitted twice by mistake.

She claims IPSA, parliamentary expenses watchdog, targetted her to justify the money they received for their work.

"They did a fishing expedition, " she told me. "They wanted to get a high profile MP."

She said she'd been accused of sub-letting her flat when in fact her daughter had been staying with her. She said:"I have never misclaimed a penny."