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Miliband promotes 'mansion tax'

Ed Miliband insisted that Labour was the "only alternative" to the coalition Government as he joined his by-election campaigners in Eastleigh.

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Miliband: Britain will face 2015 'living standards election'

The Eastleigh by-election contest is the type of "living standards election" that will face the country in 2015 - the scheduled date of the next general election, Labour leader Ed Miliband is expected to say in a speech today.

The squeezed middle has never been so squeezed. And if we carry on as we are it will be like that for years and years.

All this Government has to offer is tax cuts for the richest at the top, an unrelenting squeeze on the middle, and a race to the bottom.

That is not how we will build a successful economy again. It's time for a new approach. And that's what the One Nation Labour Party under my leadership will offer.

The people of Eastleigh deserve an MP who understands that. Who is on their side. His name is John O'Farrell.

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