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Asda boss' horsemeat shock

The boss of Asda today described his "shock" as revelations of the horsemeat contamination scandal broke, vowing to leave "no stone unturned" to address problems in the supply chain.

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Third of public 'buying less supermarket meat'

One third of the British public claim they are buying less meat from supermarkets as a result of the horsemeat scandal, whilst 12% of people say the revelations have made them consider giving up meat altogether, according to an ITV News Index poll carried out by ComRes.

  • 35% of people said they are buying less meat as a result of the horsemeat scandal
  • 22% of people said they have stopped buying meat from supermarkets altogether
  • 12% said they are actively considering giving up meat as a result of the scandal
  • Of the 12% who said they are considering giving up meat, 16% are women, and 9% are men
  • 8% said the scandal has made them give up meat altogether, already

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