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Swine flu jab narcolepsy risk

Research has found that a swine flu jab given to children carried an increased risk of developing narcolepsy.

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Swine flu findings 'consistent' with European studies

Professor Liz Miller, a consultant epidemiologist with the Health Protection Agency, said that findings which have linked the swine flu vaccine to an increased risk of narcolepsy, are consistent with those from European studies.

She added that further studies would be needed to assess the risk of other vaccines used during the swine flu pandemic.

This risk may be overestimated by more rapid referral of vaccinated cases. Long term follow up of people exposed to Pandemrix is needed before we can fully establish the extent of the association.

Our findings have implications for the future licensing and use of adjuvanted pandemic vaccines. Further studies to assess the possible risk associated with other vaccines used in the pandemic, including those with and without adjuvants, are also needed to inform the use of such vaccines in the event of a future pandemic.

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