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PM: 'No lurch to the right'

The Prime Minister said he will not be tempted to 'lurch to the right' but will battle on to keep the Tories on the "common ground" of politics. David Cameron said he will not "abandon" the government's plan for the country.

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David Cameron: I'm not in politics to be popular

David Cameron, in rejecting calls for the Conservative Party to ‘lurch to the right’ in the aftermath of the Eastleigh by-election, has vowed to pursue policies that “might not earn you popularity points”.

The battle for Britain's future will not be won in lurching to the right... it's not about being left wing or right wing - it's about being where the British people are.

In 30 years' time, I want people to be able to look back at this government and see that we paid down our debts, helped create millions of jobs, sorted out welfare, made our schools world-beating and built homes for a generation.

Doing this kind of work might not earn you popularity points in by-elections, but it's what I'm in politics for.

– David Cameron

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