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Labour: End visa loopholes

Today Labour will call for an end to student visitor visa loopholes, as the party continues to reposition itself on immigration.

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Labour: We were wrong to dismiss immigration concerns

Labour leader Ed Miliband says the party was wrong to dismiss people's concerns about immigration in a party political broadcast.

In the broadcast, which will be aired today, Miliband will outline the party's new approach on immigration, stating that low-skill immigration is too high and the party would make English-language teaching a priority.

He will say: "I’m going to tell people what I believe. And I believe that diversity is good for Britain. "But it's got to be made to work for all and not just for some.

"And that means everybody taking responsibility, everybody playing their part and contributing to the country. That is what One Nation is all about, and that’s the Britain I want to build."

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