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Processed meat 'early death'

A major study has shown that diets full of pies, sausages, and ready meals can lead to an early death. Half a million people took part in the research that found links between processed meat and heart disease and cancer.

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Eating 'less than 20g of processed meat' reduces risk

A study of half a million people has found that people who eat a lot of processed meat, including ham, bacon, sausages and ready meal fillings, are at a greater risk of heart disease and cancer.

Study leader Professor Sabine Rohrmann, from the University of Zurich in Switzerland, said eating less than 20 grams a day would reduce the risk of early death:

Risks of dying earlier from cancer and cardiovascular disease also increased with the amount of processed meat eaten.

Overall, we estimate that 3% of premature deaths each year could be prevented if people ate less than 20 grams of processed meat per day.

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