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Charities' fight 'bedroom tax'

Mencap and a number of other charities are launching a campaign against the 'bedroom tax' which is due to come into force next month.

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Mother says she will struggle because of 'bedroom tax'

The Prime Minister 'misled' Parliament this week over the so called 'bedroom tax' according to a disabled charity.

Mencap claim that despite David Cameron's promise, that severely disabled children and those needing round-the-clock care will be exempt, more than 400,000 families will suffer under the plans.

Lorraine Homayon-Jones spoke to Daybreak with her daughter Rose, she said that she has no choice but to find the extra money she stands to lose.

She added: "It wasn't an ideal choice to be a carer, I did give up work because it was the best fit for rose's needs."

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