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Bishops condemn benefit plans

The Archbishop of Canterbury is among 43 bishops who have written an open letter to a newspaper condemning Government plans to change the benefits system, saying it will have a "deeply disproportionate" effect on children.

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IDS: Benefit changes is about 'fairness'

Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has told ITV News that Government plans to change the benefits system is about "fairness", in response to the Archbishop of Canterbury's warning that "children and families will pay the price".

Iain Duncan Smith defends benefit cuts. Credit: ITV News

Mr Duncan Smith said: "This is about fairness. People who are paying taxes, working very hard, have hardly seen any increases in their salary, and yet under the last government, the welfare bill rose by some 60 per cent to £200 billion.

"That means they had to pay for that under their taxes, which is simply not fair.

"That same system trapped huge numbers in dependency, dependent on the state, unable, unwilling to work. What is either moral or fair about that. That is my challenge to the bishops".

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