'Lucky' number plate set to sell for thousands

The number plate 1 PRO is set to sell for thousands of pounds on eBay. Credit: eBay

A "truly special" number plate, previously owned by former world snooker champion Ray Reardon, is set to sell for thousands of pounds at auction.

The bidding on the number plate, which has the registration number 1 PRO, currently stands at nearly £60,000 on eBay.

Reardon bought the number plate after he won the 1974 World Snooker Championship and went on to own it for nearly 30 years, according to the item's description.

The six-time world champion apparently sold it to the current owner in 2004 and included a signed letter wishing him "all the best".

The current owner says: "It brought him a lot of good fortune and since I've owned the plate I too have done extremely well in life and in business. Perhaps it's just a lucky plate for whoever owns it."