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St. Patrick's Day celebrations

Thousands of people around the world are celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Almost 70 landmarks around the world are being illuminated green this weekend in honour of the patron saint of Ireland.

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Troops mark St Patrick’s Day in Afghanistan

Troops currently serving in Afghanistan commemorated Oates’ Memorial Day and celebrated a tea-total St Patrick’s Day.

Members of the Royal Dragoon Guards (RDG) join in with the St Patrick’s Day celebrations every year and soldiers and officers were presented with a shamrock today.

Here's a selection of images from the celebrations:

Lance Corporal Graham Tingley, aged 25 from Pontefract, after receiving his shamrock. Credit: Ministry of Defence
Members of the Royal Dragoon Guards (RDG) were presented with a trefoil to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Credit: Ministry of Defence
Pipe Major Scott pipes during the ceremony held in Afghanistan’s 30C desert sun. Credit: Ministry of Defence

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