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James Herbert dies aged 69

Horror author James Herbert, whose novels have sold 54 million copies worldwide, has died aged 69. Herbert, who wrote 'The Rats' and 23 other novels, passed away peacefully in bed at his home in Sussex this morning.

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James Herbert - a prolific career in horror writing

Herbert's first three books. Credit: Pan Macmillan

James Herbert died today aged 69 after a successful career that spanned four decades.

His first two books, 'The Rats' and 'The Fog', are amongst his most famous.

The first 100,000 copies of ‘The Rats’, his first novel, sold out in three weeks.

'The Fog', published a year later in 1975 and telling the tale of a deadly fog that drives its victims insane, is also considered a horror classic.

To complete a prolific start to his career, 'The Survivor' - the story of an airline crash - was published in 1976.

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