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Neon making 'good progress'

The father of Neon Roberts, whose mother failed in a legal bid to stop him having radiotherapy for a brain tumour, said his son is making "good progress" after receiving radiotherapy treatment.

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Neon 'dealing with' some of the radiotherapy side effects

Neon Roberts' father said his son can get tired, and does need time to rest, but generally "he is his usual happy and playful self".

Neon Roberts underwent radiotherapy against his mother's wishes, after a High Court ruled last year that he should undergo the treatment.

A statement from Mr Roberts' lawyer added:

The surgery itself took a lot out of Neon and he is still dealing with some of the side effects of that treatment.

Overall, Mr Roberts has not seen a marked change in Neon or side effects beyond what the doctors expected.

This is what he and his family always hoped for.

– Family lawyer statement

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