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Former Oxford President: 'That was a real Boat Race'

Victorious rower Karl Hudspith has praised his team and their opponents for putting on a "real boat race" after his Oxford crew won on the Thames.

Karl was the President of the Oxford University Rowing Club when his team lost in 2012. He took to Twitter to express his frustration that the race was disrupted saying "To Trenton Oldfield; my team went through seven months of hell, this was the culmination of our careers and you took it from us".

He was joined by the current President Alex Davidson in this years crew.

A year ago I was carrying my friend's body on a stretcher thinking a few moments ago he had died. That was pretty much the worst moment of my life.

You can sit around in bitterness and anger or put it past you and get back to work. That was a real Boat Race.

That was a really epic race. That was the race I have been waiting for these last couple of years. This is a very different feeling

– Karl Hudspith, Rower in the winning Oxford University boat

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