Fans cautiously welcome Paolo Di Canio appointment

Some Sunderland fans have said they support Paolo Di Canio's appointment, but cautioned that he must keep his political views to himself.

A Sunderland fan Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Archive/Press Association Images

One season ticket holder, Stan Simpson, said some fans would be "wary" about the Italian's appointment but that he respected David Miliband for sticking to his principles.

"I understand Mr Miliband's decision but there is no way we, as fans, would entertain any fascism in our club. As long as he doesn't express any political opinions I can cope with it."

Janet Rowan, another fan, said she thought Di Canio was "very passionate" about the game but said extremist politics "isn't something we want in football".

She added: "I respect David Miliband's views but as fans we have got to support Di Canio."