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Benefit critics 'talk rubbish'

The Chancellor George Osborne has hit out at critics of the Government's benefits reform, accusing them of talking "ill-informed rubbish".

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Defending current benefits system is 'indefensible'

Chancellor George Osborne has strongly defended the Government's controversial welfare reforms today, insisting the system was "fundamentally broken" and had to change.

Those who defend the current benefits system are going to complain loudly. These vested interests always complain, with depressingly predictable outrage, about every change to a system which is failing. I want to take the argument to them.

Because defending every line item of welfare spending isn't credible in the current economic environment. Because defending benefits that trap people in poverty and penalise work is defending the indefensible.

The benefit system is broken; it penalises those who try to do the right thing; and the British people badly want it fixed. We agree - and those who don't are on the wrong side of the British public.

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