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PM: North Korea is threat to UK

David Cameron has warned it would be "foolish" to consider abandoning its Trident deterrent because the UK faces an increased threat of a nuclear attack from regimes including North Korea. He claimed rockets from Pyongyang could hit Britain.

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Nuclear expert: Cameron 'correct' about N Korea threat

The Prime Minister has said that it would be "foolish" for Britain to abandon its Trident nuclear deterrent system in the face of threats from N Korea and other regimes.

Mark Fitzpatrick, Director of Nuclear Non-Proliferation and disarmament, at the International Institute for Strategic Studies believes the David Cameron is "correct" in his assessment.

The Prime Minister was certainly correct as to the growing nuclear threat from North Korea and the uncertainties of the future.

North Korea does not have any missile capabilities that could hit Britain and it is difficult to envision circumstances when North Korea ever would want to attack the UK even if they could.

But as Mr Cameron noted, North Korea is a notorious source of missile and nuclear technology to other outlier states.

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