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Chancellor's car in disabled bay

The Chancellor George Osborne has been photographed getting into his security car which was parked in a disabled bay at a service station on the M4. Treasury sources insist he did not know where it was parked when he got back into it.

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  1. Alex Forrest

Osborne 'didn't realise his car was illegally parked'

Friday's Daily Mirror front page Credit: Daily Mirror

There is an embarrassing headline for the Chancellor tomorrow - the Daily Mirror has a photo of him getting into a vehicle which is parked in a disabled bay.

A Treasury source tells me it happened yesterday.

He had been dropped off outside a motorway service station to get some lunch.

But the driver of the car had then parked in a disabled bay, so when Mr Osborne got back in he did not realise it was illegally parked.

I also understand it was a police vehicle.

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