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Beekeepers stage protest

Beekeepers gathered in Parliament Square today to urge the Government to support an EU-wide ban on certain pesticides. They were joined by campaigners Vivienne Westwood and Katharine Hamnett.

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Friends of the Earth calls for immediate pesticide ban

Environmental campaign group Friends of the Earth are urging the Government to ban bee-killing pesticides.

MPs have hit the nail on the head. We need a clamp down on neonicotinoids and an end to secret pesticide testing.

This report proves strong cross-party support for halting bee decline. Over a quarter of all MPs back our demand for a Bee Action Plan to address all threats to bees.

Yet the UK Government is still failing to respond to this urgent issue. What else are they waiting for?

– Friends of the Earth senior nature campaigner Paul de Zylva is

The renewed appeal follows today's report by the Environmental Audit Committee calling for precautionary action to protect insects such as bees, moths, butterflies and hoverflies

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