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Bird flu prompts cull in China

Chinese authorities have ordered a mass cull of birds at a poultry market in Shanghai after the death toll from a new strain of bird flu rose to six.

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Virologist: China is equipped to tackle bird flu outbreak

Leading virologist Professor John Oxford has said he is confident of China's ability to deal with the current outbreak of bird flu.

He told ITV News: "China is pretty organised these days ... If anyone is going to deal with it, I think they can."

But he said the outbreak is still concerning because "it has killed almost half of the people it has infected so far".

He added that it would be of much greater concern if evidence emerged of it spreading from human to human.

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He also urged anyone with plans to travel to China not to cancel them, but advised staying away from poultry markets and farms.

Read the Foreign Office advice on travelling to China here.

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