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HMRC staff strike action

Thousands of Revenue and Customs workers will stage a half-day walkout today, marking the latest phase of industrial action by civil servants over jobs, pensions and terms and conditions.

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Unions in talks to 'fight back' against cuts

Asked if he was talking with other union leaders about a general strike, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka told Murnaghan on Sky News:

We are definitely having a discussion about generalised strike action.

More imminently than that we are having the beginnings of a much more detailed discussion between unions who have real industrial issues in front of them now about co-ordinating their efforts to ensure that our attempts to fight back and defend our members is more effective.

My own opinion is that what the Government is doing is getting so increasingly unpopular that even a 24-hour strike involving millions of people across the economy would be an incredibly important moment.

It would show that people can fight back and say we don't just have to accept our lot.

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