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Melting glaciers 'threaten UK'

Melting ice in the Arctic could end up costing Britain billions of pounds. Leading scientists have told ITV News that the country needs to prepare now for the increased threat of flooding caused by rising sea levels.

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Scientists predict sea levels will rise 1m by 2100

Sea levels have been rising steadily since the 19th century, but the melting of glaciers is increasing the pace of that rise. If some scientists' prediction of a 1m rise come true, it could have a devastating effect on coastal areas around the world.

  • Satellite data shows that global sea levels rose at a rate of about 3mm per year since 1993, and by 10-20cm in the past century
  • The UN climate body, the IPCC, predicts a rise of between 18 and 59cm above today's levels by the end of the century
  • Some scientists say this prediction is too low given the increased melting of glaciers and ice-sheets
  • Melting glaciers contribute roughly half of the rise to the world's oceans. The other main contributor is thermal expansion
  • The contribution from the melting ice-sheets of Antarctica and Greenland is hardest to predict, but could be huge
  • If the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica melted entirely, sea levels would rise by around 70 metres.

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