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Measles cases rise to 886

Public Health Wales has reported that the number of measles cases has risen to 886, as children have gone back to school after Easter. 25-year-old Gareth Williams died during the epidemic, it has not been confirmed whether measles was the cause.

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  1. Emily Morgan: ITV News Correspondent

Fears that measles outbreak could spread

There are obviously fears that this outbreak could spread across Wales and on in to England . The health officials do not want to be alarmist about this, but there are 40,000 children who have not been vaccinated across Wales, there are 6,00 in this area in Swansea alone.

It has not spread significantly yet, but the movement of children and the fact they have gone back to school today means that there is an increased risk.

The vaccination programme at the moment does seem to be targeting the right people, children went home today with letters for their parents it is hoped they will then fill in consent forms and if all the children who need to be are vaccinated at school they could reach 2,000

That would go some way to help allay the fears about this outbreak, but they are a long way from cracking it yet.

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