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Measles cases rise to 886

Public Health Wales has reported that the number of measles cases has risen to 886, as children have gone back to school after Easter. 25-year-old Gareth Williams died during the epidemic, it has not been confirmed whether measles was the cause.

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MP: Homeopathy won't protect children from measles

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP has made a heartfelt plea to her constituents to get their children vaccinated following an outbreak of measles in Wales.

The Devon MP who was a practising GP before her election, wrote on her blog that many of her constituents mistakenly believed that homeopathy would protect their children.

The real 'herd' effect may be an unwarranted fear that vaccination is harmful or the belief that 'natural' methods like homeopathy can boost a child's immunity and thereby offer a safe alternative to protect against this virus.

Most homeopaths do encourage parents to vaccinate alongside the use of homeopathy. Given the current outbreak in Wales, it is also time for their their governing bodies to issue an unequivocal statement that homeopathy offers no protection whatsoever against this serious illness.

– Dr Sarah Wollaston

The British Homeopathic Association said that there was no evidence to suggest that homeopathy should be used to prevent measles and stressed that parents should give their children the MMR vaccine.

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