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Banned Suarez up for award

Footballer Luis Suarez, who received a 10-match ban for biting Branislav Ivanovic at Chelsea last week, is nominated for the Players Football Association (PFA) Player of the Year.

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FA wanted to discourage Suarez copy-cats

The FA said it wanted Suarez's punishment to "discourage any players at any level" from "attempting to copy" the player's actions:

(56) We agreed that the incidents of biting an opponent in football are very rare at the moment and, because of this situation, we need to ensure that it will remain so.

We have the responsibility for the whole game of football in England, down to the youth football at grassroots level. We believe it is our duty to discourage any players at any level from acting in such a deplorable manner or attempting to copy what they had seen on the television.

– FA statement

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