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Rich OAPs 'don't need benefits'

Iain Duncan Smith has said that wealthy pensioners who do not need to receive benefits should voluntarily hand back the money to the Government. When asked about Mr Duncan Smith's comments, Nick Clegg said he does not think it makes sense.

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Universal credit pilot project to start tomorrow

From tomorrow, a pilot project for universal credit - a reform of the benefits system - will begin.

It will bring together several working age benefits into a single payment and its aim is to ensure that no one is better off unemployed and on benefits rather than in work.

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, the work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith said:

People will know from day one, for the first time ever, what's expected of them. They'll have a sheet of paper which is their contract... We want to say to people, 'You're claiming unemployment benefit but you're actually in work paid for by the state: you're in work to find work. That's your job from now on: to find work'.

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