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Rise in global family disputes

A new report has revealed a dramatic rise in cross-border family legal disputes referred to a UK judge who offers global assistance in such cases.

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Mother: It doesn't get any better, I stay strong for her

Nearly one in three babies in England and Wales have a foreign-born parent, which has led to a ten-fold increase in cross-border child custody and abduction cases in the past a decade.

Six-year-old Elsa Salama is one of those cases, she was snatched from a holiday apartment in Sharm El Sheikh were she had been visiting her Egyptian father's family.

Naomi Button, Elsa Salama's mother Credit: Daybreak

Her mother Naomi has had no information of her daughter's whereabouts and does now know whether Elsa is alive and well.

Speaking to Daybreak she said: "It doesn't get any better, each day is just as hard, and I focus on the future, and I focus on trying to find her and bringing her home and bringing her home to what she remembers, so I stay strong for her."

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