Far right Golden Dawn hand out free food in Athens

Greek political party Golden Dawn have been handing out free food in Athens for Easter, amid the country's financial woes.

Party officials have been checking IDs to ensure the supplies are only given to Greek nationals.

Thousands gather in Athens for free food. Credit: Maria Kagkelidou

Greek authorities have been making efforts to stop the food handout taking place, branding it "illegal".

In a statement released to The Guardian, Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis said: "We are making it absolutely clear that the city of Athens views the planned gathering tomorrow as illegal and it will do whatever is required for it not to take place."

Golden Dawn members prepare to distribute the food supplies. Credit: Maria Kagkelidou

Golden Dawn have witnessed a surge in popularity, as Greek Government policies are blamed for the country's financial crisis.

In recent months the far-right party has also held "Greek only" blood drives .