Dorries: 'Day the political landscape significantly shifted'

The MP Nadine Dorries has told ITV News that UKIP's local election result success is "the day the political landscape significantly shifted" and hopes it will serve as a wake-up call to David Cameron.

Ms Dorries was suspended from the Conservative Party after travelling to Australia to take part in the ITV reality TV show I'm A Celebrity!

Nadine Dorries hopes UKIP's local election success will force the Conservative leadership to "work hard to win back the core Tory vote" Credit: PA Wire

She said:

"Today will always be the day the political landscape significantly shifted.

"The rise of UKIP will hopefully force David Cameron and George Osborne to reconnect with true Conservative values and work hard over the next two years to win back the core Tory vote they appeared to be determined to jettison as part of their personal quest to modernise the Conservative Party."